Another Mead Recipe (00130)

Honey (2-3lb for dry mead, 4-5lb for sweet)
Water - preferably soft or distilled to make 1 gallon of must
Yeast - a pure culture grape yeast
Acid - 1 tsp citric and 1 tsp tartaric per gallon of must

Dissolve the honey in the water, bring the mixture to the boil and hold it there for 2 minutes.
This sterilises the mixture and kills the wild yeasts that are present.
Add the acid.
Whilst still hot pour into an old sherry cask leaving a 3" gap at the top then plug the hole with cotton wool.
If using a glass fermenting vessel allow the must to cool before filling the vessel.
When the must is below 80°F add fermenting yeast culture and an airlock.
To assist with the fermentation try to maintain the must at 65°- 70°F.
Leave must on the lees to ferment out (4 months to 2 years!).

If possible do not drink until it is matured for 5 years.