Spiced Apple Cake (00124)

8 oz (200g) Self-raising Flour
2 tsp (10ml) Mixed Spice
4 oz (100g) Margarine
2 oz (50g) Golden caster sugar
6 oz (175g) Sultanas
2 oz (50g) Honey
5 fl oz (150ml) Milk
1 medium Egg, beaten
6 oz (150g) Cooking apples, peeled and sliced
1 dsp (10ml) Honey to glaze
1 oz (25g) Demerara sugar

Mix the flour with the spices.
Rub in the fat, add the sugar and sultanas.
Warm the honey slightly and blend with the milk and the egg.
Add to the dry ingredients and mix well.
Place half of the mixture into a greased cake tin, cover with half the apple slices.
Spread the rest of the cake mixture on the apples and spread the remaining apples over the top.
Warm the honey glazing and pour evenly over the top and sprinkle the demerara sugar on the top.
Bake at 190°C / 375°F until well risen and golden brown, for approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes