The Bee, Hen and Aga Keepers Bread Recipe (00109)

(You need a breadmaker too...)

1 tsp dried yeast
500g strong bread flour   (a mixture of white, wholemeal, malted, spelt, rye, but at least half of white)
50g pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseeds     (optional)
1 generous tsp of runny or set honey
1 free range egg
   (No salt or fat!)

Make 350 ml of liquid with the egg and water.

Put the yeast in first and add the liquid last. Use the wholemeal dough programme.

When it "peeps" knead it a bit on an oiled surface with oiled hands (eg with sunflower, rapeseed or olive), then plonk it in a 2lb loaf tin.

Leave it to rise for a few hours
or put it in the fridge overnight if you've timed the dough to be ready in the evening.
In the morning it will have risen nicely so put it in the Aga (hot top oven) for 30 mins,
then turn it out and listen to it crackle as it cools.

Fresh bread for breakfast!