Sweet and Sour Pork (00023)

1½ belly pork cut small
¾ pint chicken stock
small can pineapple cubes
2 tbsp honey
1 oz cornflower
6 oz noodles
3 tbsp vinegar pickle
3 pints water
1 tbsp vinegar

Fry pork gently until golden.
Pour off surplus fat and save.
Cover with ½ pint stock and simmer for ¾ hour.
Cool, remove fat and save it.
Add pineapple syrup from can, and honey.
Blend cornflower with remaining stock and add to pork mixture.
Boil, stirring occasionally until coating consistency.
Boil noodles in seasoned water for 10 mins then strain.
Stir pineapple, pickle, vinegar and seasoning into pork.
Heat fat. Fry noodles until crisp and brown.
Drain and serve with pork.