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About this site

The purpose of this site is to provide a source of recipes using honey that will appeal to both beekeepers and non-beekeepers worldwide.

The site has been designed with simplicity in mind, and I have sought guidance from a number of people on what format they would like.

This site will be changing and developing frequently and the visitor is advised to check on a regular basis.

Our policy is one of continuous improvement

About the Recipes

They have been collected from a variety of sources worldwide. Some may well have appeared elsewhere and I have no control over that. It is a deliberate policy not to give credits, as some I have received are remarkably close to others, and giving credits to the senders may do an injustice to the originator. If your original recipe appears on this site please take it as a compliment.

I will try to keep the same format throughout if possible in order to try and make it easy for you.

Each recipe is numbered to help identification where there is more than one recipe with the same name e.g. "Honey cake". For those with a sense of humour when having a meal they can say:
"We are having 1663 and 2573 washed down with 219"!

Not all recipes have been tried and the user will have to satisfy themselves of the suitability for their own purposes. It is hoped at a later date to identify the tested ones.

This site will only grow and become a useful resource if recipes are submitted on a regular basis, therefore I invite visitors to send me recipes for inclusion, via Email.

About Roger Patterson

I have been keeping bees in Sussex, U.K. since 1963, and at one stage kept 130 colonies, but have now reduced to a hobby level. I have always felt that honey is grossly underused, especially by beekeepers, and this site is an attempt to encourage everyone to make more use of a natural product.

Having no culinary skills at all, please consider me as an editor, with the material being supplied by others.

About Bees and Honey

Honey is available in most regions of the world and flavours differ widely. There are many sources of information about honey, and it is recommended that some knowledge is gained as it might help you make better use of it.

Honey is a natural product and with care can be kept for some time. It will ferment if left open to the air and/or stored in a warm place, so make sure it is kept cool and the container lid is firmly closed.

The crystallisation of honey is a natural process. To bring it back to liquid all that is needed is to warm it gently. This can be done in a microwave oven.

Bees are fascinating creatures and are easy to manage. In most countries there are beekeeping organisations that help at all levels. As a hobby the products of the hive are relatively cheaply produced and beekeeping is something that can be considered by everybody. Perhaps this site will encourage you to use so much honey that you have to take up beekeeping in order to supply the demand!

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